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Quilted Mats

The unique, one of a kind quilted mats! Handmade by Haybaybee Creations, these high quality mats are sure to impress at brunch!

We currently have two sizes. Stock is super limited in each size, so be sure to get in quick if you’re wanting one this release!

Small - 52cm x 52cm approx

Large - 76cm x 76cm approx

Double sided mats, perfect for place training, cafes, as a blanket or a bed!

The top side is a quilted design made out of our scrap fabrics from over the years. The back/bottom side is made out of a plain cotton woven fabric. There is 2 layers of wadding on the inside, which may cause fluff to poke through the plain layer. The quilted mats are made of 100% cotton material & added wadding. Each mat has a tie with snap studs to secure when not in use!

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