Why Byron and Co?

1. hand made with love & high quality

Most of our products are hand made with love in Esk which is in regional South East Queensland. Our bandanas start from scratch and go through the many stages of production, until they are ready for your furry friends to wear. Each purchase supports our dream, and without you, there would be no Byron & Co. We thank each and every one of our customers that has purchased a product from us, and that continue to do so. Justice is a sole trader who runs the business herself. Our chief testers are Byron of course, her little, but older sister Poppy, and her younger brother Zephyr.

All of our products have been thoroughly tested & tried by us, we only stock products we love and swear by. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers only the best quality of products that will last you and your pets years.

2. innovative & adjustable

Our bandanas are SLIP ON, which require NO alterations to the tie in which the bandana arrives with. We pride ourselves and our brand in being a one of a kind, and have designed them to be user friendly, fully adjustable bandanas. Once you receive your bandana, just slip on over your pooches head. If it requires adjusting in size, DO NOT undo the tie, instead, if you loosen the knot a tiny bit, and pull the outside ties, it will become slightly smaller. To make slightly bigger, loosen the knot and pull from the band. Over time you may find your bandana will get a bit too big on your pooch, the way to fix this is to follow the instructions to make slightly smaller again, by loosening the knot and tightening the ties. The bandanas can be worn any way, at the front over the pups chest, or towards the back, they look great either way.

3. washable & long lasting

Our bandanas can be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. PLEASE NOTE BANDANAS SHOULD BE KEPT TIED WHEN GOING THROUGH THE WASH AS THEY MAY LOSE SHAPE IF UNTIED. Bandanas may lose their fold in the wash, this doesn't effect the look or style of the bandana. Bandanas can also be ironed but do not iron over the tags as they will warp in shape.  We recommend air drying your bandanas for maximum life. Please note, bandanas kept or sitting in direct sunlight will fade in colour. 

4. we help you

Can't find a design you like? Have an unusual animal you want to buy a bandana for? Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries. We do take custom orders also, so if you can think of a bandana you would like, we can most likely make it for you!