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Personalised Treat Jar

Our fully personalised treat jars are here! We are so excited to share our latest product with you all!

Our jars are glass with a wooden lid and are approx 675-700ml in capacity. They only come filled, with your choice of treats! We like the idea that once you empty them, you can use them for whatever you desire.

Every single one of our treat jars are personalised especially for you! Pick from 17 different text colours, and words of your choice! If you’d like a font other then courier new send us a message and we’d be happy to accomodate!

2 delicious options - all dehydrated for maximum shelf life!

PREMIUM BEEF LIVER - Dehydrated 100% Australian Beef Liver. No preservatives or any added sugar, beef liver has good fats, vitamin A plus iron, copper and zinc! These treats are thin and easy to break up into any size piece you like, making them the perfect training treat for any size dog.

MIXED SEAFOOD - Our seafood jar contains a mix of dehydrated treats including pilchards, shark cartilage, fish jerky & mackerel bites! All are 100% Australian and contain no additives so you know they’re safe for your pup! The omega 3 fatty acids found in the fish treats will benefit in calming any allergies, reduce joint pain, improve cognitive function & aid cardiovascular health.
Our mixed seafood jars are perfect for those dogs with allergies needing to avoid common proteins like chicken or beef!

Byron & Co take no responsibility for any allergen responses caused by our treats and purchasing is at the discretion of the customer.

Give all treats in proportionate amounts. Please note this product contains food so is not available for international shipping. If you would still like a jar and are from anywhere but Australia, we may be able to accomodate & send an empty jar, but please message us to discuss this option if you are interested.

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