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LickiMat UFO Slow Feeder Bowl

The LickiMat UFO is the perfect addition to your grooming kit! 

This rubber dog bowl has seven suction cups on the bottom that allow it to attach to flat, smooth vertical surfaces (e.g., windows, shower walls) and vary its position for entertainment and anxiety/stress alleviation. The bowl also has higher walls to avoid spills or messes from food or saliva.


  • Slow-feeding dog food/treat bowl with Soother Nubs to reduce anxiety and tension.
  • Raised walls keep spills and messes contained within the bowl.
  • The base has seven suction cups to fasten it to flat, smooth surfaces.
  • Baths/showers, grooming, and automobile journeys are all possibilities.
  • Vet-developed dog food bowl that is designed for hydrotherapy and is dishwasher safe.

Size: 18cm x 18cm

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