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Water Dreaming Bandana


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We would like to begin by acknowledging and paying our respects to the Jinibara people, the Traditional Owners of the land on which Byron & Co resides on. We acknowledge the land on which you receive this message and that the entirety of Australia was and always will be Indigenous land.

We would like to pay our respects to the Elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders here today.

All bandanas in the Indigenous range are of limited edition, and will be available until stocks run out. We will be collating sales & paying royalties monthly, along with an update each month to our followers on how many products have sold & how much we will be donating for that month.


Artist: Juliette Nampijinpa Brown

Born: 1971

Language: Warlpiri

Region: Yuendumu, Central Australia
Dreaming: Ngapa, Pamapardu

Juliette Nampijinpa Brown was born in 1971 in Alice Springs Hospital, the closest hospital to Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community 290 km from Alice Springs in NT of Australia. Juliette was born into a long line of artists, her mother is Wendy Nungarrayi Brown and her grandparents are Bessie Nakamarra Sims (1932 – 2012) and Paddy Japaljarri Sims (1916-2010), all renowned artists, nationally and internationally and who paint and have painted with Walukurlangu Artists. Juliette has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, since 2008. She paints her grandfather’s Jukurrpa stories; Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) and Pamapardu Jukurrpa (Flying Ant Dreaming). These stories relate directly to her land, its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it. Juliette uses an unrestricted palette with traditional patterns and designs that stretch back at least fifty millennia to depict her traditional Jukurrpa.

The country associated with this 'ngapa Jukurrpa' (water Dreaming) is Mikanji, a watercourse that is usually dry. There are 'mulju' (soakage) in this creek bed. The 'kirda' (owners) of this Dreaming site are the Nangala/Nampijinpa and Jangala/Jampijinpa men. This artwork tells the story of three water Dreaming tracks. The water Dreaming travelled from Puyurru, northwest of Yuendumu, to a 'mulju' (soakage) in the Mikanji creek, it unleashed a huge storm, where two blind woman sat. They both strained their eyes to see the sky, tears forming in their eyes, creating the rain. Their spirits can still be seen at the Mikanji in the form of two 'ngapiri' (river red gums) growing near the soakage.

Royalties from this fabric design will be paid to the artist via donation to Warlukurlangu - Artists of Yuendumu in the form of $1 per bandana sold in this print, and $3.50 from each scrunchie sold in this print.

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