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Treat Ball

Available in 6 colours - blue, aqua, green, yellow, orange and red!

Keep your pup entertained and out of trouble with our treat ball that also doubles as a teeth cleaner! When your pup tries to get the treats, the teeth and grooves on the ball rub on their teeth and clean them, also removing plaque.

The balls are designed to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated while keeping them engaged and thinking too! This will keep them going for a good 10-20 minutes and can be reused over and over for endless entertainment.

They are made from a safe rubber material which does not contain any toxic elements and is completely safe for your dog to chew! They’re strong enough to not be ripped to shreds!

Our treat balls are easy to use by just pushing the treats into the teeth. You can easily pull the opening apart for bigger treats too. You can put part of your dogs meal in the ball, like kibble, mince, fruit & veggies. You can even spread peanut butter or vegemite between the grooves.

So what are you waiting for... try one of our Treat Balls today!

SIZE: 7 x 7 x 7cm

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Type: Reward Toy