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Silicone Treat Bottle

Our silicone treat bottles are perfect for a mess free, positive training/vet/grooming experience!

Pick from a variety of colours and either 60 or 80ml, we recommend these for use with any soft food including but not limited to yoghurt, raw food, peanut butter, soaked & blended kibble plus more!

Make your life easier by filling one of these with peanut butter and throwing it in your bag for an easy, quick high value reward for when out and about.

Not only are these fantastic for a mess free experience, they are easy to use and fit in your hand, and also give you the ability to slowly dispense the treat!

They have a wide mouth and press cap. The bottles are made from soft silicone material with a plastic lid, run warm water in and use a brush to clean.

38ml: 3.5cm wide, 7.9cm high
60ml: 3.5cm wide, 9.4cm high
80ml: 3.5cm wide, 11cm high

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