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Shark Cartilage Powder for Pets

100% Australian Shark Cartilage Powder. No fillers, additives or preservatives used.

Shark cartilage powder is an all natural food supplement that is a rich natural source of micro nutrients. Unlike conventional anti-inflammatory agents that only treat symptoms without targeting the cause, shark cartilage activates the body’s natural defence mechanisms.

It’s commonly used to treat arthritis and joint pain in both humans and dogs alike, and is a great natural supplement easily added into your dogs diet. It also acts as a topper, encouraging them to eat and makes dinner even tastier!

Studies in both people and dogs found significant improvement in patients suffering from arthritis. Arthritic pets and people taking shark cartilage powder often experience increased mobility & decreased pain. This could be a great option for people wanting to try something natural before going towards something like 4cyte.

Shark cartilage powder is a rich natural source of micro nutrients like glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulphate. These nutrients are essential for maintaining and repairing joint tissues including cartilage, joint fluid, tendons & ligaments!

Why not give shark cartilage a go? It is recommended at an initial higher dose for 3-4 weeks minimum to start to see the true & full benefits. We have it available in 50g small sample size and a 150g bigger size!

50g - $10.50
150g - $23

Pet weight (daily measurements)
2-3 weeks initial dose and ongoing thereafter
< 15kg - 1 tsp initially - 0.5 tsp ongoing
15 – 30kg - 2 tsp initially - 1 tsp ongoing
30 – 40kg - 3 tsp initially - 1.5 tsp ongoing
40+kg - 4 tsp initially - 2 tsp ongoing
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