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20mm - 5 meter
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25mm - 5 meter
25mm - 10 meter


Want all of the basics you'll need to help create a well balanced, sound puppy that values you within their environment? Our puppy training pack is here! The perfect gift for your friend or family member getting their first puppy, or to get you started on your journey training dogs. All products are high quality and are designed to last you and your pets the years to come (minus the treats haha). 

Our Byron & Co Puppy Training Pack includes:

- Bumbag (to store high value treats, phone, keys, poop bags, etc)
- Soft fleece tug toy (to play with your dog, make you fun in any environment, use as a reward)
- Clicker (to help mark the exact moment your puppy meets training criteria and help shape tricks and commands)
- Rainbow long line (to teach reliable recall, allows for freedoms and sniff walks too)
- Beef liver sample pack (give your pup a taste of the good stuff!)

Our bumbag, tug toy & long line are all handmade with love, exclusively for us here at Byron & Co. You can find more detailed information on these products at the individual listings on our site.

Worth over $135 in value. Pack price: $100!