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EzyDog Luca Lite Leash - Slip Lead

The Luca Leash from EzyDog is a unique all-in-one rope dog lead and collar. 170cm in length and made from 6mm high quality reflective climbing rope, the Luca leash is ideal for quick walks around the block or longer journeys.

It features an adjustable metal slider and rubber stopper, acting as a limited-slip collar for dogs of all sizes.

If you want to keep your dog safe, this is the ideal lead. It just slips on over your pets head. When you move the slider, this  leash can tighten when pressure is placed through the lead, ensuring your dog is not able to slip out. 

This slip lead is fantastic for loose lead walking, and should be used with the pressure/release training method. We do not recommend using this lead unless your dog already understands pressure/release, or you are teaching them. 

This leash makes the perfect addition to your training bag & car incase you come across any stray dogs. You can move the rubber stopper up and create a large lasso to help capture a loose dog. 

This lead has the added bonus of the nose halter/halti function by pulling the lead through the metal slider if you need extra control!

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